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Pâte d'Ail Noir 800g
Pâte Ail Noir 800g par Ail Du Moulin
Pâte Ail Noir - Produit du Québec

Black Garlic Paste 1kg

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Ail Du Moulin black garlic is produced from certified organic white garlic grown in the boreal zone.

The six-week transformation process produces an ebony-colored garlic with a slightly sweet, balsamic taste. The paste is obtained simply by pureeing the cloves. No additives are added.

How to enjoy it

  • Black garlic should be considered as a seasoning in cooking.
  • Add black garlic to sauces, pastas, salads, butter or ailloli. Delicious with fish, seafood and grilled meat dishes.
  • Simply spread on a crouton to enjoy the benefits of garlic without the smell or stomach upset.


Refrigerate after opening. Black garlic will keep for up to a year. Consult our points of sale