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Creamy black garlic burger

For the burger, it’s simple!!! Not many products but quality products.


For 4 Burgers:

4 brioche buns

250 g of your favorite regional firm cheese

Pickled onions (to taste)

Creamy black garlic

250 ml sour cream or mascarpone

50 ml maple syrup

30g black garlic paste or the equivalent of 4 cloves of black garlic, pureed

7.5 ml sherry or balsamic vinegar

Salt and pepper

Burger patty

1 kilo of ground beef or veal

5 g of paprika

3 g of black pepper

3 g of brown sugar

2 g of garlic powder

2 gr of onion powder

1 g of cumin

1 egg

100 ml breadcrumbs

12 g of salt


Mix the black garlic cream ingredients and set aside.

Mix the meatball ingredients and form 4 rounds.

Cook the meatballs until they are very juicy.

Add a slice of firm cheese to each meatball at the end of cooking.

Spread the bread with black garlic cream.

Garnish with pickled onions and enjoy!!!

***Use leftover black garlic cream to garnish your sandwiches or simply to accompany your vegetables as a dip.

Recipe credit: Lōuise Taverne & Bar à Vin

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  • On va essayer ça c’est promis. Merci pour la recette et on en veux d’autres. Pour nous habituer à utiliser ce fabuleux produit.

    Line Theberge

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